Was Moses struck by lightning?

Recently I read a fascinating book by Dr. Oliver Sacks called Musicophilia, where, as a neuroscientist, he studies how music affects the brain and one of the cases he describes is a Dr. Tony Cicoria, who at the age of forty-two, was struck by lightning which caused him to suddenly be able to play the […]

Psalm 151

Did you know there is a chapter 151? I didn’t until I found it on Sefaria.org According to them this psalm, which never made it into the Tehillim, is attributed to King David himself after he had slain the Giant goliath. Take a look and let me know what you know/ what you think in […]

Water Dispensers

Hello friends. Thank G-d and look at what I stumbled upon – another Torah website: mayim.org.il/ Mayim (water) is compared to Torah. This site boasts a 20-some year some collection of their weekly pamphlet called “Water Dispensers” – a double-sided weekly pamphlet with the top part – the “above the fold” – where Torahs on […]

Heavenly Fear

“הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים” מסכת נדה טז, ב We are taught in (Gemara tractate Nida, 16:2) Everything is in the hands of heaven, except for fear of heaven (Unfortunately) it happened to me so that I hit the bottom of a bottom-less pit. Physically a person can’t be made to care about self […]

No Torah For Jew???

In Likutei Torah from the Alter Rebbe, Parshat Reeh (sight) has 64 columns. The following Parsha,Parshat Shoftim (judgment) has 0 (zero/zilch/nada) columns. Message is: if we find ourselves busied with judgement (albeit good) we get no Likutei Torah. I was floored when I heard this – from a video (will post when I get the […]


‘Flourish in his days a Tzadik’ the likes of which the world has never seen before. Growing up “with” the Rebbe (I’ve never physically seen him) just made sense. Everything made sense because of the Rebbe. It still does, but having a Tzadik with such magnitude in the world was by far the biggest sign […]


Check-out this blog I found: allyourbeis.blogspot.com A VERY UNIQUE TORAH(S) BLOGVERY ABSTRACT IDEAS & FAR-REACHING THEOREMS ON SELECTIVE TOPICS, INTER-GALACTIC QUESTIONINGS AND PONDERING(S). *Disclaimer:ROTB it seemed ok to me, but it definitely needs more delving into.Content cannot be guaranteed by me, because of the above statement. Peer in through this window: Please let your thoughts be known: