Flute Of Redemption

It’s what the artist called this painting of my father playing the flute in Ascent – located in the old city of Tsfat, Israel You can even see the depiction of the lovely musical notes spiraling upwards towards the tower of King David.

Looking! King!

Recorded on a cellphone. A clip of a set I was working on aptly named Looking! King! as I hope and pray that’s all I was ever doing because Looking for the king* is definitely what I plan on doing. Forever and ever. Even once found. I’ll never lose sight of him again, with the […]

Cablei Moshiach?!

Birthpangs of Moshiach חבלי משיח Have you ever heard of that term? It’s used to describe the time before the coming of Moshiach. I’m pretty sure it was talking about the “Cable”i which we will be untwisting and unraveling day and night right before Moshiach comes.  

Our Mission:

If I had to summarize our mission down here on this beautiful planet in one sentence, it would be: Make Earth FIT FOR A KING

A fly on G-d’s wall

And Reb Gideon says: Boy what I’d pay to be. I pray to be.A fly, at the very least,on God’s [nonexistent] wall. Reb Gideon Azari