Water Dispensers

Hello friends. Thank G-d and look at what I stumbled upon – another Torah website: mayim.org.il/

Mayim (water) is compared to Torah.

This site boasts a 20-some year some collection of their weekly pamphlet called “Water Dispensers” – a double-sided weekly pamphlet with the top part – the “above the fold” – where Torahs on the week’s Parsha and/or the current holiday with commentaries in their original form, while the lower part – the “below the fold”- is community-filled with ideas, comments, connections and unique perspectives. I haven’t seen this paper with my own eyes, but it sounds fascinating. The website certainly is I can tell you that much, especially after you reach their declaration that

All Rights Reserved to Chazal

Check it out through the window below or click on this link:

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