No Torah For Jew???

In Likutei Torah from the Alter Rebbe,

The Alter Rebbe

Parshat Reeh (sight) has 64 columns.

The following Parsha,
Parshat Shoftim (judgment) has 0 (zero/zilch/nada) columns.

Message is: if we find ourselves busied with judgement (albeit good) we get no Likutei Torah.

I was floored when I heard this – from a video (will post when I get the source)

I was like whaaat? What is this?
Lehavdil Elef Alfei Havdalos and I’m completely joking but is this like the soup dictator in Seinfeld?
No soup for me? No Soup for Jew? c”v

But hold up, I’m like 64 one week and NONE the next. How’s that even possible?

In a way this proves that the Torah can be turned on like a faucet. It also proves that if somebody knows lots of Torah, he or she need to know when and how much to dispense for the people to be able to handle it.

Makes one wonder how much were Rabbis holding back from us over the years?

Even more of a wonder is that this makes one wonder are we prepared for the (hopefully) imminent Torah deluge?

Smiley face : )

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