Heavenly Fear

“הכל בידי שמים חוץ מיראת שמים”

מסכת נדה טז, ב

We are taught in (Gemara tractate Nida, 16:2)

Everything is in the hands of heaven, except for fear of heaven

(Unfortunately) it happened to me so that I hit the bottom of a bottom-less pit.

Physically a person can’t be made to care about self or anything for that matter. Caring is an innate human characteristic, the degree to which varies, how much of it is placed and what it’s placed on, but after all what a person cares about is what they are left with.

Spiritually a person can’t be made to fear G-d or anything that has to do with G-d (heaven etc..). It’s the same rule as applies physically with the word care interchanged with the term ‘Fear of Heaven’.

There seems to be a correlation between Fear of Heaven and Care so (Speculatively)
Fear of Heaven = Caring.

This might make sense given the fact that within Heaven, although there is tremendous awe of G-d, there is no such thing as “Fear of Heaven”, (fear of Earthlings maybe), but also because in Heaven there doesn’t exist such a thing as “fear” at all, so what is dubbed down here as “Fear of Heaven” gets translated as care when flipped upwards.

Heaven decrees a person’s level of wealth, charisma, wit and Heaven even blesses some folks with showmanship, but Heaven cannot control a person’s level of care – this has to come from within. (otherwise it’s not real.)

If I’m not scared, I’m scared

My prayers are that nobody should ever succumb to such a low level like I have, because when I realized I was not scared and did not care about G-d or what G-d says, that’s when I got really scared, for it dawned on me that I was in big trouble. How far away my spirit was from Hashem, and I could almost hear my heavenly-connection rope snapping and my soul wailing in despair.

Always praying for everyone to hear some [real] good news and only goodness, kindness, happiness, health and lots of “Fear of Heaven“! 🙂

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