King Needs Us

In his commentary on the Torah, The Rabbi Bahya ben Asher (Spain 1255-1340) writes that on Rosh Hashana we (‘ring in the new year’) by blowing the Shofar because that’s when we re-crown the 1 and only G-d as King of the universe, a process which is necessary in a kingship for there is no king without nation.

אין מלך בלא עם
(Ein Melech Below Om)
No king without nation

רבינו בחיי (תלמיד הרשב”א) בבראשית לח, ל. ובבמדבר

..and there we have it:

The only difference is that this phrase when referring to G-d becomes a palindrome and can be read backwards as well and still ‘ring’ true.

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