Yaacov’s Angels

.. The ones he saw in his dream Any thoughts, comments would be very welcomed so please post below.. Toda!

Charity = בישרןאט

Some might call this a Purim Torah and it might as well be. On the keyboard if you have it set to Hebrew and type out the word Charity in English you’ll get the following: בישרןאט What it means I have no clue but charity reflects on righteousness בישר Also, we can try and break […]

King Needs Us

In his commentary on the Torah, The Rabbi Bahya ben Asher (Spain 1255-1340) writes that on Rosh Hashana we (‘ring in the new year’) by blowing the Shofar because that’s when we re-crown the 1 and only G-d as King of the universe, a process which is necessary in a kingship for there is no […]

Good News and What Else

So I’ve got Good news and Not such Good News. Tap on the cards to reveal: (not such) Good News Golus ended! Good News Geulah Started!!!