Moshiach Wars

By: Anonymous
29 Sivan 5780

It’s like space wars, just no laser beams. Only razor-thin brims.

So, what happened to just good ole’ “Let’s bring Moshiach now!” action and activity?

When the Rebbe became Moshiach. That’s when Moshiach stopped coming.

When all the “paraphernalia” being produced and put out by various entities. It always had a unifying theme, which was Moshiach. At some point, maybe when the Rebbe became Moshiach, it seems that the focus shifted towards the Rebbe.
It is like the Rebbe “tricked” us into managed to get us working together towards a better good, a common goal so now we’re going to just veer our attention to him? What is the whole point?

What happened to the olden days when Moshiach was something cool and fun to talk about?

I never met the Rebbe, but I was born and raised with him. Growing up it was all about the Rebbe, bringing Moshiach. Now now now!!! “Hot Hot – Kumt Moshiach!” we used to sing – making the world a better place. For all. Humanity. Today. NOW! I grew up with it and I still very much believe in this and it’s always been a drive of mine. To be the best soldier in the army and capture the flag, bring gold home and dance the night away at the Beis Hamikdash.

Are you ready for it? If you closed your eyes in a moment and thought about Jerusalem. Being there in the city. With the whole wide world there, celebrating the return of G-d?

Could you imagine and picture how cool it would be. How sweet it would be. Imagine flying over center of town – right over a party with 6 million people in attendance all hopping at the same time.

Imagine flying around from shiur to shiur and visiting chavrusa after chavrusa. Your daily schedule filled with Torah learning.

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