Growing up in Tsfat was definitely a trip. Aside from having a bird’s eye view of the Kineret, praying at the Ari Zal’s Shul, the occasional hike to Meron or Rosh Pina, the weekly shuk down by the Tachana Merkazit (central bus station), the most fun I ever had was the annual Klezmer Fest down in the Ir Ha’atika (old city).

A musical marvel. Walking through the narrow wobbly streets all lit up with happy people and the soundwaves carrying you in one direction or another. It was like walking on air and you could feel G-d’s presence peeking through the weathered cobblestones. I can still feel the electrifying energy.

Enjoy this playlist of Klezmer songs curated by yours truly

*These files were found on archive.org and are labeled free for download and distribution under the Creative Commons License.
**Some songs may have different versions

G-d bless you! Enjoy!

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