“Mishnayos by heart will wlcome the Geulah” – find source

Reciting a Mishna by heart purifies the air and brings such joy to the heavens.

What’s the significance of reciting Mishnayos by heart?
To preface this question. Let’s ask why is saying Mishnayos by heart so important? Well notice we say by heart and not by memory. Even though it is by memory, but by heart means that you say it with a feeling. Meaning it touches your heart and you have some emotional attachment to it.

When saying Mishnayos by heart. The key is not to just say them as quickly as possible withoput understanding what you’re saying. The real way is to be able to recite each Mishna in a way that expresses understanding and can be done slow.

The Game:

The Mishna Machine

The challenge:

Complete as many mishnayos as possible and gain as much points as possible to be the winner of the Mishna Machine

The Mishna Machine will test your skills.

Each Mishna is worth as many as the words it has. (For instance, if a Mishna has 60 words = 60 points.)

What is the Mishna Machine?

The Mishna Machine is software machine that resides on this website and is a Mishnayos by heart tester which uses various technologies to analyze the mishna you’re reciting.

How the Mishna Machine works:

You log on and pick which mishna you want it to test you on. It can be one specifically chosen by you or pick a random one for more points..

The Mishna text is displayed on the screen and waits for you to begin the countdown.

When the coountdown begins the Mishna Machine checks to see that your eyes are closed.

The timer begins and as soon as you finish it stops the timer and analyzes your input.

Now it’s important not to go fast. The point is not to go as fast as possible but to say it like you mean it and clearly.

How the score is calculated:

The Mishna Machine checks the speed of your words. (WPM) and clarity of each word. The pauses between each word are very important to the calculation of final score as they determine your general understanding of the Mishna.

It compares the audio soundwave image with the main one on file and/or other soundwave image for similiraties in peaks and pauses.

It also takes into account the quality of your microphone.

Throughout your Mishna recitation it randomly checks to see that your eyes are closed.

It then combines all these factors and adds your score. You can retry as many times as you wish.

The Mishna Machine