Hello friends. Thank G-d look at what I stumbled upon – another Torah website:
This is mayim.org.il/

Mayim is water

Mayim means water in Hebrew.


This site boasts a 20-some year some collection of their weekly pamphlet called “Water Dispensers” – a double-sided weekly pamphlet with the top part – the “above the fold” – where new-found Torah holiday or Parsha’s commentaries in their original form, while the lower part – the “below the fold”- is community-filled with ideas, comments, connections and unique perspectives. I haven’t seen this paper with my own eyes, but it sounds fascinating. The website certainly is I can tell you that much, especially after you reach their declaration that
All Rights Reserved to Chazal

I’m looking forward to using it but even more so to extending its functionality, in a manna of:


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