Petition: Let Moses Into Israel

*disclaimer: this petition is for entertainment purposes only for the purposes of “living with the times” and creating a real connection.
It may not change the past, but it may very well change the future.

Petition to Let Moses into Israel

In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Chukat, we’re informed that Moses and Aaron are being denied entry to the promised land after they hit the rock in order to provide us with fresh water.

We the people, signed below, believe it was a misunderstanding and are requesting that Moshe and Aaron be granted entry into Israel.

We hereby petition each and every one of you here in the desert (or on the beach in Miami) to sign the petition below, hopefully clearing the way for Moshe our teacher, our father, our beloved leader and our loving shepherd to enter the promised land.

The nation IS Moses and Moses IS the nation. You can’t have one without the other.
This bond is pointed out by Rashi in this weeks’ Parshat Chukat – Numbers 21:21 – bringing down the Midrash Tanchuma regarding the messengers sent forth to (sichon ym”s) and why the Torah ascribed them as being sent by the nation Israel, when in other places it ascribes messengers sent forth by Moses directly to Moses.
This is to show that Moses and Israel, the nation as a whole, are superconnected.

Moses = Israel
Israel = Moses

How can we take even one step further without him?

He deserves more than anybody to enter his homeland, which he so selflessly brought us to.

Please sign the petition and get everybody in your tent and your tribe to sign it too.

You know you would sign it if it were actually circulating back then in the desert.

For us Jews, Chassidus teaches, it is never too late so go ahead, sign it. You know you want to.

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