How Good is G-d

It’s the question which we’ll never be able to answer.

G-d’s goodness cannot be measured. It cannot be put into words.

As soon as we begin to evaluate G-d’s goodness, acts worth a million life-times of more kindness would take place, only adding to the tally of the goodness we are trying to put into words.

Basically we will never be able to finish saying “Thank you!”

Thank G-d that G-d is Good. (Otherwise we’d be in b*&%$ trouble.)

This is not a reason to not try, even though we know G-d’s Goodness and kindness is far beyond our comprehension and understanding.

We must constantly make cognizant this very awesome trait of our dear G-d above. The G-d of all. The one G-d. The G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Thank G-d
G-d is Good

The one and only G-d.

We must constantly remind ourselves and everyone around us (at least the humans) that G-d is good and ONLY good, because this world can seem volatile and harsh at times. The mind wonders and wanders and wonders about wandering. It says in Tehillim “all nations are forgetful of G-d”. (Ch. 10, 9) – it’s just the nature of things.

This constant reminder that G-d is good will remind those who may have their minds occupied with the “grunge” of humanity that G-d exists that G-d not only exists but he is only good.

Therefore it would be only good to keep this fact on our minds. This awesome fact that G-d is good and ONLY good should be what drives us,

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