Charity = בישרןאט

Some might call this a Purim Torah and it might as well be.

On the keyboard if you have it set to Hebrew and type out the word Charity in English you’ll get the following: בישרןאט

What it means I have no clue but charity reflects on righteousness


Also, we can try and break up the word בישרואט to:

בישרו and אט

בישר is like קול מבשר and בשורות טובות – which would mean to announce or declare

and אט can mean slow but with a ה it becomes האט – which in Yiddish would mean that האט האט קומט משיח – which means

‘Here here is the coming of Moshiach!’

Which reminds me of this song I grew up on by Avraham Fried. Enjoy!

In conclusion I deduced from this finding that giving to charity will lead to Good News! The best news!
More specifically that giving (or doing) charity is directly connected with the news of Moshiach and Geula, as we learn in the Tanya, who quotes a posuk

“אין ישראל נגאלין אלא בצדקה”

which couldn’t put a bigger emphasis on the connection between charity and redemption.

Look even the Hebrew-English keyboard agrees

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