New Torah

תורה חדשה מאיתי תצא (ישעיה נ”א ד’) 

G-d forbid we say G-d forbid?!

Watching the news one evening right after the pandemic broke and I found myself finishing every newscaster’s report with G-d forbid and I wondered when did we ever stop saying G-d Forbid? Regardless of when we stopped, I’m sure glad we did. (I’ll explain why at the end.) Especially with all the not such good […]

Aleinu Contest

The Aleinu Contest Sing Aleinu and win $$$ Start the year off with a song and then sing some more once you win. Film people singing Aleinu and upload it. will be giving away up to $1,800.00* to the Shul that uploads the coolest, happiest and wildest video of Aleinu being sung. After all […]