How Good is G-d

It’s the question which we’ll never be able to answer. G-d’s goodness cannot be measured. It cannot be put into words. As soon as we begin to evaluate G-d’s goodness, acts worth a million life-times of more kindness would take place, only adding to the tally of the goodness we are trying to put into […]

Wearing White

White according to Kabbalah represents purity and holiness and the AriZal insists on wearing at least four white garments on Shabboss (corresponding to the four letters of Hava-ya). Living “whitely” = Living Rightly

This is Not Goodbye

Dearest America, It has been an ecstatic ride, a privilege of sorts, and a wonderful experience, but the time has come for us to say goodbye. We always knew this place is merely another train-stop in our journey, which began more than 3,300 years ago with Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt and towards […]

Charity = בישרןאט

Some might call this a Purim Torah and it might as well be. On the keyboard if you have it set to Hebrew and type out the word Charity in English you’ll get the following: בישרןאט What it means I have no clue but charity reflects on righteousness בישר Also, we can try and break […]

King Needs Us

In his commentary on the Torah, The Rabbi Bahya ben Asher (Spain 1255-1340) writes that on Rosh Hashana we (‘ring in the new year’) by blowing the Shofar because that’s when we re-crown the 1 and only G-d as King of the universe, a process which is necessary in a kingship for there is no […]

Water Dispensers

Hello friends. Thank G-d and look at what I stumbled upon – another Torah website: Mayim (water) is compared to Torah. This site boasts a 20-some year some collection of their weekly pamphlet called “Water Dispensers” – a double-sided weekly pamphlet with the top part – the “above the fold” – where Torahs on […]