Was Moses struck by lightning?

Recently I read a fascinating book by Dr. Oliver Sacks called Musicophilia, where, as a neuroscientist, he studies how music affects the brain and one of the cases he describes is a Dr. Tony Cicoria, who at the age of forty-two, was struck by lightning which caused him to suddenly be able to play the […]

Yaacov’s Angels

.. The ones he saw in his dream Any thoughts, comments would be very welcomed so please post below.. Toda!

Psalm 151

Did you know there is a chapter 151? I didn’t until I found it on Sefaria.org According to them this psalm, which never made it into the Tehillim, is attributed to King David himself after he had slain the Giant goliath. Take a look and let me know what you know/ what you think in […]

Kohanim: The Original Shushers

There’s all this fuss about being silent in Shul. Trust me I know all about it and then some. Those who don’t shush and suffer in silence. The ones who shush and suffer publicly. Those feeling compelled to speak just because and the ones who stand back amused by all the drama. I heard all […]

Oseh Shalom

עושה שלום במרומיוהוא יעשה שלום עלינו במרומיו can be read as trickery (מרמה). Now let’s re-read that posuk. He who tricks people into making peace with eachother will end up doing just that. Binging Bringing (and binging) peace and tranquilulity upon us so trick people into making peace and have fun doing it because you […]

Petition: Let Moses Into Israel

*disclaimer: this petition is for entertainment purposes only for the purposes of “living with the times” and creating a real connection. It may not change the past, but it may very well change the future. In this week’s Parsha, Parshat Chukat, we’re informed that Moses and Aaron are being denied entry to the promised land […]

P.O.T. for Israel

Put On Tefillin for Israel was a campaign started as a joke by my friend Ezzy Duchman who was traveling on the west coast. The idea was to have a Tefillin booth at rallies and events with a big sign P.O.T. 4 Israel. (this was before smoking pot was so acceptable) It was a perfect […]

Wow G-d

Hungry here and thirsty as all —– combined. Wanting to do something BIG for that one, the one and the only one. Would love to surprise G-d with something major. This thing. Whatever it may be I cannot do alone. This would require working with everyone else together as one, because G-d loves and needs […]