Tehillim – Chabad

Check out the recently uploaded complete Tehillim – Chabad format.I’ve set the bookmarks for daily, weekly accordingly.

This is Not Goodbye

Dearest America, It has been an ecstatic ride, a privilege of sorts, and a wonderful experience, but the time has come for us to say goodbye. We always knew this place is merely another train-stop in our journey, which began more than 3,300 years ago with Moses leading the Jews out of Egypt and towards […]

About TodayToda

Hello and welcome to Today’s Toda. This project’s name is derived fromthe title of the book Ha-Yom Yom,authored by the great Rebbe. Lost in translation it becameToday Toda Toda in Hebrew means Thanks In Hebrew, Ha-Yom means Today and Yom means day. This is how a day is proclaimed. “Ha-Yom Yom…” “Today, day 1 of […]