Hello and welcome to Today’s Toda.

If any of the content on here brings a smile to anybody’s face, its done its job! 

This project’s name is derived from the title of the book Ha-Yom Yom,
authored by the great Lubavitcher Rebbe.

In Hebrew, Ha-Yom means Today and Yom means day.

Lost in translation it became Today Toda

Toda in Hebrew means Thanks

Essentially, Today Toda means Today Thanks!

The objective here is to bring Moshiach, through promoting the learning of Torah.

This platform is set to promote Torah study.


This website is developed and managed by Naftali & Gad (aka Goodi) Kaplan

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I put a quick-form on the footer of each page, so if something is off or broken or if you have any suggestions please let me know. Any sort of feedback would mean the world to me.